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GOODWE - 5kW Three-Phase String Inverter

GOODWE - 5kW Three-Phase String Inverter

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The GoodWe SDT G2 series 2-MPPT three-phase solar inverter is one of the best options available in the residential and commercial sectors due to its technical strengths, which make it one of the most productive inverters on the market. High efficiency of (98.3%), improved oversizing and overload capabilities, and the fact that it does not require a zero line for installation, the SDT G2 represents a notable improvement in the industry. With 50% DC input oversizing, 10% AC output oversizing, it takes this inverter to its full capacity by adding extra reflections on the back of the bifacial panels, to increase its power output under low solar radiation conditions . Built-in anti-reverse current In regions where solar energy cannot be supplied to the grid, installers can easily set an export limit via the GoodWe app with a simple click, as the SDT G2 has integrated an anti-reverse current function built into the inverter. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Safety first! With AFCI, the inverter is capable of detecting arc faults, sending alarms through monitoring systems and interrupting the circuit simultaneously. GoodWe not only offers efficiency, reliability, but also security.

AC Rated Power [kVA] 5.00
Maximum AC Power [kVA] 5.50
Minimum Input Voltage Mpp [V] 180.00
Maximum Input Voltage Mpp [V] 850.00
Maximum Power Generated DC [kWp] 7.50
Topology Transformerless
Maximum Input Current [A] 25.00
Maximum Efficiency [%] 98.20%
European Efficiency [%] 97.60%
String Input Number 2.00
Number of independent Mpp Inputs [pcs] 2.00
Protection Index [IP] IP65
Monitor w/display
Number of Phases 3.00
Height [mm] 433
Type Network
Width [mm] 354
Weight [kg] 15
Depth [mm] 147
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