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GROWATT - 60kW Three-Phase String Inverter

GROWATT - 60kW Three-Phase String Inverter

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The Growatt Max 60K TL3 commercial three-phase inverter is suitable for photovoltaic installations up to 78000Wp. The inverter can produce a total of 60,000 Wp at its peak moment and does so with a high current of up to 96.6. The inverter contains 6 MPP Trackers with 2 connectors each for flexible string configuration The Max version has a power of up to 80 Kilowatts. With an efficiency range of 99%, maximum energy yield is produced. The inverter is only suitable for commercial photovoltaic systems. Using 2 connections per MPP Tracker, voltages are distributed properly and fairly. The inverter has a maximum amperage of 25 per MPP-Tracker

AC Rated Power [kVA]
Maximum AC Power [kVA]
Minimum Input Voltage Mpp [V]
Maximum Input Voltage Mpp [V]
Maximum Power Generated DC [kWp]
Maximum Input Current [A]
Maximum Efficiency [%]
European Efficiency [%]
String Input Number
Number of independent Mpp Inputs [pcs]
Protection Index [IP]
Number of Phases
Height [mm] 600
Type Network
Width [mm] 860
Weight [kg] 82
Depth [mm] 300
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