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KOSTAL - Three-phase hybrid inverter 4.2kW

KOSTAL - Three-phase hybrid inverter 4.2kW

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KOSTAL 4.2KW PLENTICORE plus INVERTER. The original was even better. The PLENTICORE PLUS hybrid inverter remains true to itself as an all-rounder: it is reliable, smart and easy to use. Now in its second generation, PLENTICORE PLUS is super smart: with integrated WLAN, the original KOSTAL inverter now simplifies commissioning and monitoring. Two LAN interfaces allow multiple inverters to be connected in series. The new second generation PLENTICORE PLUS now has four digital outputs – for more functions and a wider range of applications, e.g. to activate additional sources of consumption, such as heat pump, air conditioning or electric vehicle sweepers. Ideal for operation with BYD batteries.

Type Hybrid
Number of Phases 3.00
AC Rated Power [kVA] 4.20
Maximum AC Power [kVA] 4.20
Minimum Input Voltage Mpp [V] 120.00
Maximum Input Voltage Mpp [V] 720.00
Maximum Power Generated DC [kWp] 6.30
Topology Transformerless
Maximum Input Current [A] 39.00
Maximum Efficiency [%] 97.10%
European Efficiency [%] 95.50%
String Input Number 3.00
Number of independent Mpp Inputs [pcs] 3.00
Protection Index [IP] IP65
Monitor w/display
Weight [kg] 17.86
Height [mm] 563
Width [mm] 405
Depth [mm] 233
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