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KOSTAL - Consumption meter

KOSTAL - Consumption meter

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The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter (KSEM) is an energy meter with a variety of functions. Thanks to the additional computational processing power of the device, it already has the technology for future functions and tasks and offers the ideal solution for all Kostal inverters.

A big advantage of KSEM is that it comes pre-configured as standard for PLENTICORE plus, PIKO IQ and PIKO MP plus. Thus, direct installation is possible without the need to adapt parameters or make other settings. The KOSTAL smart energy meter allows you to make the most of your home's energy. The energy meter takes three-phase/single-phase energy measurements in real time.

Measurement data is transferred to the inverters via standard interfaces, which allows KSEM to support the energy management of PLENTICORE plus, PLENTICORE BI, PIKO IQ and PIKO MP plus KOSTAL inverters. When used with a PIKO 4.2-20 or PIKO 36 EPC, the KOSTAL smart energy meter replaces the PIKO BA sensor. Inverters can be configured on the KOSTAL smart energy meter with the aim of maximizing self-consumption of solar energy and displaying self/household consumption on the Solar Portal. To do this, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter must be integrated into the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

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