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VICTRON - Multiplus-II 1600VA 24V charger inverter

VICTRON - Multiplus-II 1600VA 24V charger inverter

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SKU:MULTIPLUS 24/1600/40-16

Victron Charger / MultiPlus Inverter 24/1600/40-16

The main output has an uninterruptible power supply function. In the event of a network failure or disconnection from the electrical network or generator, MultiPlus takes over the supply of the connected loads. This transfer is so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that the operation of connected computers or other sensitive electronic equipment will not be disturbed. The second output is energized only when AC is available at one of the MultiPlus inputs. Loads that would not discharge the battery, such as a water heater for example, can be connected to this output (second output available on 3 kVA and higher models).

Virtually unlimited power due to parallel operation
Up to 6 Multis can run in parallel for more power. For example, six 24/5000/120 units will provide 25 kW/30 kVA output power and 720 A load capacity.

In addition to parallel connection, three units of the same model can be configured for three-phase output. But that's not all: up to 6 sets of 3 units can be connected in parallel to provide 75 kW / 90 kVA of power and over 2000 A of load capacity

The MultiPlus has a very powerful battery charger that requires high currents from shore connections or generators (about 10 A at 230 VAC for 5 kVA Multi). The MultiControl control panel allows you to limit the power to be supplied from the shore or the generator. The MultiPlus then takes into account the power demand of other output AC loads and will only use the excess for the load, thus avoiding any overload of shore or generator power.

PowerAssist More power from shore or generator
This function gives an extra dimension to the PowerControl principle, allowing the MultiPlus to complement the capacity of the alternative source. If a high peak power demand is required for a short period of time, MultiPlus helps ensure that the lack of grid or generator power is immediately compensated by battery power. And when demand drops, excess energy will be used to recharge the batteries.

MultiPlus can be used off-grid and connected to a photovoltaic grid or other alternative energy systems. Network loss detection software is available

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