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VICTRON - Multiplus-II 5000VA 48V GX charger inverter

VICTRON - Multiplus-II 5000VA 48V GX charger inverter

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Victron Multiplus II 48/5000-70/50 GX Inverter Charger

The Victron Multiplus II 48/5000-70/50 GX Inverter Charger solar charger belongs to the Victron Multiplus II Inverter/Charger product line from Victron Energy.

The name of this inverter charger indicates that the inverter voltage is 48V and the continuous (non-linear) power at 25°C is 50 00VA . The AC power socket plug is SCHUKO with an output voltage of 230V. The battery charging current has a capacity of 70A and the transfer switch capacity is 50A . The GX is a 2 x 16 character display that reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller parameters.

The integrated GX device includes:

  • A BMS-Can interface (note this is not a VE.Can compatible port).
  • One VE.Direct port.
  • One USB port.
  • One Ethernet port.

The MultiPlus-II GX is designed for applications that require more connectivity with other products as well as remote monitoring, such as on-grid or off-grid energy storage systems and some mobile applications.

For parallel and three-phase operation, only one GX unit is required!

Victron Multiplus II Inverter/Charger product line

The Victron MultiPlus II Inverter Charger combines a powerful true sine wave inverter with an advanced battery charger and high-speed AC transfer switch in a small package. In addition to these fundamental features, the MultiPlus II has several advanced features, listed below:

The MultiPlus-II inverter charger combines the functions of MultiPlus and MultiGrid with integrated anti-islanding (note that this product was previously known as MultiGrid-II). The MultiPlus-II has all the features of the MultiPlus, plus an external current transformer option (100A:50mA current sensor), which increases the PowerControl and PowerAssist functions to 50A and 100A, respectively.

The MultiPlus-II is perfect for professional marine, yacht, vehicle and land off-grid applications, as well as grid-connected photovoltaic and other alternative energy systems.

A Victron energy storage system (EES) relies heavily on the MultiPlus-II inverter charger. It works with solar charger controllers and grid-connected photovoltaic inverters. There are several system configurations available. Output power can be increased by operating up to six Multis in parallel. Configuration of three units for three-phase output can be done in addition to parallel connection.

The PowerContro l function allows you to set a maximum mains or generator current. The MultiPlus-II will then consider additional AC loads and use any excess to charge the battery, preventing the generator or grid from becoming overloaded.

PowerAssist extends the PowerControl idea to a new level. Since peak power is often needed for a short period of time, the MultiPlus-II will compensate for insufficient power from the generator, shore or utility grid with battery power. When the charge drops, the excess energy is used to replenish the battery.

The MultiPlus-II inverter charger will protect against overload from a limited AC source, including a generator or shore power connection. First, when an overcharge occurs, the battery charge is immediately reduced. The second stage will use battery power to boost output from a shoreside generator or power supply.

In the event of a grid outage or when shore/generator power is removed, the MultiPlus-II takes over supply to the connected loads. This happens in less than 20 milliseconds , so electronic devices such as computers or other electronic equipment can continue to function normally without interruption.

When coupled with a GX device like the Gerbo GX (not included with product), you can monitor, control and operate your Multiplus II locally (requires computer and MK3-USB interface) or remotely using the free Victron Remote Management (VRM) app or portal website.

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